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To uplift the wisdom and liberatory climate resilience strategies needed to keep each other safe, care for our communities, and fight back against the climate crisis.

by Isabela Humphrey

About CRP

As Kylie Flanagan began researching and writing Climate Resilience in the summer of 2020, she quickly realized that it would need a companion—a resource that could be dynamic and ever-evolving, just like the climate crisis and its myriad solutions. She wanted readers of Climate Resilience to have a highly curated resource at their fingertips through which they could explore concepts and strategies more deeply and then get plugged into the work. And she wanted to ensure that folks who hadn’t read Climate Resilience could easily access a lot of the same information and inspiration, too! And so, as soon as Climate Resilience was sent to the printers, she set to work on the Climate Resilience Project.

This website is still very much a work in progress. We’ll be adding more resilience strategy pages, guides, and interviews in the coming months (sign up for our newsletter if you’d like to be notified as these resources become available), and the existing pages will continue to be expanded upon and refined. The hope is that the Climate Resilience Project will one day grow and evolve beyond a book and website, and that the team behind it will expand, too! For now, it’s Kylie and a whole lot of incredible collaborators.

Guiding Principles

Addressing the roots

We recognize that successfully evading climate catastrophe means truly confronting the myth of white supremacy, the paradox of endless growth, and the patriarchal paradigms of conquest and colonization. We take seriously the mandate to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and we also know that efforts to decarbonize will continuously fall short if the roots of rising greenhouse gas emissions (and the constellation of interrelated ecological and social crises that compound their impacts) are not addressed.

Centering frontline wisdom

We believe that the folks who have been most impacted by the climate crisis and intertwined crises, and who did the least to contribute to them, are the best positioned to develop informed, intersectional, and grassroots solutions and to implement them in an effective, just, and accountable way.

Optimizing for co-benefits

We understand that the climate crisis is already here, that its impacts are experienced unequally, and that there is still so much that can be done to prevent the climate crisis from further intensifying. Therefore, we are passionate about climate strategies that simultaneously help communities adapt to changing conditions, advance movements for liberation and justice, and radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Embracing complexity

The complexity of the climate crisis demands that we hold the messiness, nuance, and rampant contradictions, and that we get comfortable thinking and existing in the gray. We strive to meet this moment by practicing both/and thinking, expanding our imaginations, and becoming more precise in our strategies.

Rejecting extractive frameworks

Amid a sea of siloed and shallow so-called climate solutions focused on scale, speed, and investor return, we aim to uplift the strategies that are most rooted in relationship, compassion, humility, trust, care, and long-term thinking.

by Hanifa F. Abdul-Hameed


Join the Movement

The climate revolution needs everyone, and we’d love to help you find your role(s) in this beautiful, expansive movement!


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